Welcome to Sunday's Rogue Company Tournament by OMNI Esports! This is a free-entry crossplay tournament open to all skill levels.


All participants must join our Discord.

If you haven't already, please follow us on Twitter.


Date: Sunday, June 13th

Time: 1pm EST

-Check-ins open at 11am EST and close at 12:50pm EST


Prize Pool:

1st place: $100 (team)

Chat Giveaways: +Sub giveaways

Team captains get paid via PayPal. It's up to the team captain to disburse the money unless otherwise agreed upon. Contact OMNI Angel for details.

How to Register:

(1) Read the rules and sign up on this website by clicking on the register button above.

(2) Check-ins open an hour before the tournament starts. Go to our Discord and type your team name in the check-in channel.

(3) We'll create a bracket and post it on the website when the tournament starts. Find your opponent and message them via Discord to setup a match.

(4) If you win, simply post the score in the result's chanel and move on to your next opponent.


Mode: 4v4

Style: Double elimination. Best of one matches.

Server: All matches must be played on NA EA servers unless otherwise agreed upon between teams.

Host: Either team can host. If there's a dispute, lower seed (lower number) hosts.

Score Report: Winning team captain.

Free Agents

We do not allow free agents to sign up. Only register if you have a full team. That said, if you're looking for members or looking for a team, visit our #looking-for-team channel in our Discord. Pro tip: don't just post--reach out to players who've already posted for best results.


If there is an issue, make sure you screenshot and/or record it for evidence. The match results should be screenshot as well, although you don't have to show proof unless there's a dispute. Contact an admin via Captain's channel in Discord if you need assistance.


Registration will end 15 minutes prior to the event. Bracket will be randomly seeded five minutes before the tournament starts.

It's up to team captain's to check-in to the tournament. Teams not checked-in will not be seeded. Check-ins open an hour before the tournament starts.



Jesterline Studios is broadcasting the event and someone from OMNI may ask team captains to be invited to the match to utilize spectator mode.

Watch live here: https://www.twitch.tv/jesterlinestudios




  • It's the responsibility of players to check the integrity of their internet prior to competing. That said, if the game initially fails to load, a restart is warranted.


  • If a player successfully loads into a game but then disconnects, it does NOT warrant a restart once fighting has started, even if it was in the first round.


Can restart: Fails to load into game.
Cannot restart: Loads into the game but then disconnects after fighting starts.

In case of a match issue, simply ask an admin for help in the captain's chat via Discord.