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Hey there! My name's Surreal Lith aka Cody, I'm known mainly for my aggressive gameplay as well as being a Co-Leader for Surreal Nation. Surreal Cosmic is the creator/leader of Surreal Nation as well as my best friend. Seven years ago when we made this team together we never thought it would ever leave the COD scene but now look at us! We're known to be the sweatiest team on Realm Royale and none of our members disappoint. I'm so thankful to all our members but most importantly, Darth, being apart of the first ever Bok Bowl let us meet so many great players. It also gave Cosmic and I a way to show everyone why Surreal shouldn't be taken lightly. If it wasn't for this community Surreal wouldn't be as well known as we are now.

Surreal Lith

Surreal Lith

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