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Rocket League Hype is Real

OMNI Esports hosted a 2 v 2 Rocket League tournament on April 18th. In spite of a low turn out, only four teams registered and competed, the games were exciting to watch. It is worth your time to head over to the Jesterline Studios channel to watch the VOD.

OMNI DocFrame and Bax co-casted the event and they did not disappoint. In addition to the amazing play by play, viewers also learned interesting facts about the casters. Bax shared that he is a Seattle barista which led to a lengthy, yet informative, conversation about coffee including the fact that coffee makes about sixty percent of people need to poop. Are you one of them? Viewers also learned that OMNI DocFrame was bitten by a snake as a child and has no feeling in his left arm!

When it was time for the final match, viewers were treated to quite a show. The excitement was palpable. Ultimately, The Mystic Alliance team of AX10M and pigbeast scored the most goals and became the victors. They spoke with Bax and Doc following the tournament. Both were calm and quiet which was a direct contrast to the plays they made just moments before the interview. AX10M said, "It was really intense." He also spoke about the opposing team saying, "They played really well in the final. They did better than I expected."

All of the teams put on quite a show and left viewers hyped. OMNI Chico commented, "Those games were super exciting and fun to watch." Hopefully the hype is contagious and more teams will register for the next Rocket League tournament!

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