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Here's why you should try Rogue Company (5 Reasons)

There seem to be a lot of competitive shooting games to play on the console and PC, though not all of them support complete cross-play among other platforms.

There aren't nearly enough of them with a loyal audience and available for free.

Rogue Company was created to address both of these concerns.

Do you like multiplayer games with cross-progression with almost all of your buddies on your PC, PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch?

Now since the pool of players has had an opportunity to check out new Rogues, it appears that everyone believes that it was a very well-balanced game.

There are several main reasons to play this game, even though you're not a fan of tactical shooters or third-person shooting games.

There are five compelling reasons to play Rogue Company

Hi-Rez is the developer of this product

Hi-Rez, the developers of Paladins and Smite, has a history of producing excellent games and continues to improve their franchises regularly.

They continually seek out and integrate audience input into their games' quality and graphics.

Rogue Company is serious about Esports, and it already has a thriving community. It is also announced that HI-Rez will be supporting and expanding the game for the foreseeable future.

Hero with a unique style

Rogue Company has a wide range of characters to fit a variety of playing styles.

There is something for everyone, whether you'd like to set traps or aspire to be a one-man army.

This game's initial line-up of thirteen competitive Rogues is jam-packed with more choices than you'd expect upon launching the game.

An incredibly fast world

Rogue Company is extremely fast in comparison to other tactical shooters.

Game modes are quicker and more action-packed than ever before, with plenty of opportunities for big plays and wild 1vs 4 victories.

Since failing within such a round doesn't result in the loss of your weapons, certain rounds continue at the same rate.

There are various game modes available

Strikeout and Demolition are the two game modes currently available in Rogue Company.

Strikeout seems to be a more comfortable game mode, while Demolition is a tactical cooperative bomb-defusing mode.

Extraction and Wingman, which were present in the closed beta, are likely to be filled with new game modes in the future.

Can play for free

The Founders Pack subscription fee will only be in place till the beta expires, after which the game will be free to play, so you have nothing to risk with such a free game.

Furthermore, there is no need to spend money on the game.

All other Rogues can be activated by playing the game at the present pace of in-game currency drops.

Mastery rewards, which include cosmetics, will be provided to players in the future.

Is it beneficial to play Rogue Company? If strategic shooting games are your stuff, then this is the game for you.

Strikeout mode is also worth a try if you prefer fast-paced shooting.

In any case, this game seems to have a great deal of potential.

Interested in joining an Esports team?

Those who enjoy video games will probably fantasize about becoming professional gamers.

Active participation in competitive Esports teaches you coordination, interaction, tactics, and gamesmanship.

There is a framework for beginning a competitive gaming career, whether you'd like to play solo or in a squad.

Joining an Esports team or making a name for yourself in the Esports community is no simple matter, and several challenges remain.

However, you wouldn't stand much of a chance unless you work hard. OMNI Esports' mission is to elevate the gaming community through play and by hosting tournaments. Interested in joining or want to be part of our community? You're invited to join our Discord:

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